When it comes to export, most of the producers invest in major trading fairs.


But this may not be the right move.

Take the UK market, for instance.  It can result to be quite expensive if you are taking everything on your shoulders.

A trade fair might be the initial step towards export, but it may cost you a fortune and it will be a 2-days shot!

If you are new to the market, in a competitive jungle, full of excellent produce, you need to find the most effective way to stand out from the crowd!

Have you ever thought of a
Brand Ambassador instead?
Pricewise you could end up paying more for a trade fair to have less, (or even nothing!).

Let's plan a commercial strategy together, with your very own Brand Ambassador, with products in stock and ready for customers? The Red Pot London can act as your foreign office in outsourcing, with sales and logistic in place . Make export easy and team up with us TODAY!